Baseball Development in the City of Tea Tree Gully, 1984 – Present

The sport of baseball enjoys a high profile and has proven to be extremely successful with approximately 500 families involved in the sport of Baseball in the Tea Tree Gully area.

A junior tee-ball / baseball competition between local schools was formed in 1977, which became the fore runner for the current NEPS (North East Primary School) competition. The dedicated efforts of an enthusiastic group finally began to show benefits and the sport started to gather momentum.

The growth that baseball has achieved within the Tea Tree Gully area over the past 20 years has been outstanding. Starting from a fledgling competition consisting 8 primary school teams, it has now grown to a level where it must be considered one of the largest participation summer sports within our community.

Baseball has developed at a tremendous rate within the Tea Tree Gully council area, expanding from an 8 team primary school competition initially, to now having a 12 team District Club, a 22 team primary school competition, a family orientated winter competition and a new level of modified games for junior players too young to compete at a district level called the Rookies Little League.

Golden Grove Dodgers Baseball Club History

Location is the key to any successful sporting activity, as travelling long distances will often deter most families from participating. Prior to the formation of the Golden Grove Dodgers Baseball Club, junior players did not have the opportunity to play baseball locally and were required to travel to either Payneham or Elizabeth. As such, only a handful of junior Tea Tree Gully residents played district baseball.

The Golden Grove Dodgers Baseball Club was formed in 1990 by a group of dedicated people who had the vision to realise the potential of baseball growth within the area. Many of these people had helped put in place the framework for the very successful North Eastern Primary School Baseball competition and still have an active involvement with junior development at district level. In 1999 the amalgamation of Golden Grove Dodgers Baseball Club and Central Districts Baseball Club formed the now present Golden Grove Central Districts Baseball Club Inc.

As mentioned previously, baseball growth in Tea Tree Gully has been exceptional and now has 500 players participating on any given weekend throughout the summer baseball season. A large proportion of this junior involvement can be attributed to a district baseball club being formed and operating within reach of prospective participants.

Golden Grove Central Districts Baseball Club Present

The Golden Grove Central Districts Baseball Club is affiliated with the South Australian Baseball League and competes in the Metropolitan League consisting of 15 Clubs.

With over 300 playing members the Golden Grove Central Districts Baseball Club continues to grow and at the present time has more teams competing than any other club affiliated with the South Australian Baseball League with all age groups being represented at Division 1 level.

The Golden Grove Central Districts Baseball Club maintains a close affiliation with primary schools in the North Eastern area to foster junior participation in the sport. 2013 also saw the amalgamation of GGCDBC and the Rookies Little League, strengthening our Club’s commitment to not only expand our Junior Development Program but also to provide skills training for our junior coaches and umpires, and conduct specialised coaching clinics for players throughout the playing season

So successful is the formula within our area, that other district clubs affiliated with the South Australian Baseball League are looking to the Golden Grove Central Districts Baseball Club for advice on how to model their junior development programs.

Each season more than 2000 families from outside the Tea Tree Gully council area visit the Golden Grove Central Districts Baseball Club. Due to many years of meticulous care by an enthusiastic grounds committee, Illyarrie Reserve has been recognised as having one of the best playing surfaces within the South Australian Baseball League.

The club regularly has players represent South Australia at the Australian junior championships and in the past have had players selected to play for Australia. These players epitomise the professionalism and work standard required to achieve success, development and enjoyment, these are the philosophies that the club attempts to instil in all our junior members.

Club Song

“Out we come, out we come, out we come to play
We love this game, we play so hard, we must win every game
Lots of fun, heaps of runs, enjoy yourself today
The Dodgers boys are hard to beat
When they come out to play


Join in the chorus and sing it one and all
Join in the chorus, the Dodgers are playing ball
We are the Dodgers, we’re champions you’ll agree
The Dodgers will be premiers just you wait and see.”

GGCD Baseball Club Honour Board
Season Chairperson Secretary Treasurer Club Coach MVP
2021/22 Shaun Evans Scott Coxhill Sharee Forrester Darren Roberts
2020/21 Mark Shotton Anne Christensen Sharee Forrester Darren Roberts Jake Campbell
2019/20 Mark Shotton Anne Christensen Sharee Forrester Phillip Hirschausen Josh Conry
2018/19 Bob Neiswander Anne Christensen Sharee Forrester Phillip Hirschausen Josh Conry
2017/18 Bob Neiswander Anne Christensen Sharee Forrester Phillip Hirschausen Nick Miceli
2016/17 Bob Neiswander Anne Christensen Kathryn Smith Kentaro Ueda Mitch Dergazarian
Season President Secretary Treasurer Club Coach MVP
2015/16 Michael Stevens Damien Schulz Kathryn Smith Clayton Carson Tyler Krobetzky
2014/15 Michael Stevens Karryn Przibilla Kathryn Smith Clayton Carson Owen Hughes
2013/14 Lynton Arscott Regina Rose Angela Clark Adrian Chenoweth Dennis Christiansen
Josh Golotta
2012/13 Lynton Arscott Regina Rose Jenny Partington Adrian Chenoweth Landon Hernandez
Tim Brown
2011/12 Steve Conry Sharon Brooks Darren Mitchell Adrian Chenoweth Landon Hernandez
2010/11 Steve Conry Mark Shotton Michael Phillips Adrian Chenoweth Reed Brown
2009/10 Steve Conry Ray Sharp Michael Phillips Adrian Chenoweth Reed Brown
2008/09 Roger Prime Ray Sharp Pauline Sharp Paul Haynes Michael Sharp
2007/08 Roger Prime Ray Sharp Pauline Sharp Paul Haynes Michael Sharp
2006/07 Roger Prime Ray Sharp Linda Halls Paul Haynes Jeremy Cresswell
2005/06 Roger Prime Ray Sharp Linda Halls Chris Whittlesea Jeremy Cresswell
2004/05 Roger Prime Ray Sharp Linda Halls Chris Whittlesea Peter Golotta
2003/04 Roger Prime Ray Sharp Sandy Gaskin Chris Whittlesea Brandon Diplock
2002/03 Ray Sharp Denise Earle El Dawson Chris Whittlesea Bodie Williams
2001/02 Ray Sharp Denise Earle Steve Winnick Roger Prime Scott Charlton
2000/01 Ray Sharp Amelia Riamondo Steve Winnick Roger Prime Jason Scott
1999/00 Ray Sharp Amelia Riamondo Steve Winnick Phil Alexander Leigh Chenoweth
1998/99 Peter Mason Amelia Riamondo Ian Nathan K Kobayashi / P Alexander Adrian Chenoweth
An Amalgamation was formed between Golden Grove and Central Districts after the 1997/98 Season
GGCD Baseball Club Life Members
Playing Life Members
Life members
Jamie Anderson Nathan Hoffman Anne Christensen
Joe Balzan Aaron Kates Brandon Diplock
Steve Bottroff Danun Manson Bob Neiswander
Steve Brooks Joel Mazurek Gavin Payne
Scott Charlton Scott Partington Roger Prime
Steve Conry Steve Partington Ray Sharp
Hugh Childs Gavin Payne Mark Shotton
Jeremey Cresswell Dave Pettman Brenton Watkins
Brandon Diplock Paul Rushton
Alex Earle Michael Sharp
Peter Golotta Mark Shotton
Len Goulding Matt Watkins
Geoff Heritage Chris Whittlesea
GGCD Baseball Club Person & Player of the Year Award
Season Club Player of the Year Club Person of the Year
2017/18 Alex Christensen Steve Conry
2016/17 Scott Miller Bob Neiswander
2015/16 Matthew Burns Alex Christensen
2014/15 Jack Partington Ron Murphy
2013/14 Steven Brooks Regina Rose
2012/13 Matthew Phillips Regina Rose
2011/12 Brandon Diplock Leslie Phillips
2010/11 Jake Mitchell Joe Balzan
2009/10 Jeremy Cresswell Sharon & Doug Williams
2008/09 Jeremy Cresswell Pauline Sharp
2007/08 Matthew Phillips Linda Benzan
2006/07 Jason Ellery Scott Coxhill
2005/06 Jeremy Cresswell Dave & Sharon Cresswell
Brenton & Ngaire Watkins
2004/05 Jason Ellery Ray Sharp
2003/04 Brandon Diplock Brenton Gaskin
2002/03 Jeremy Cresswell The Davies Family
2001/02 Ben Elliott Chris Whittlesea
2000/01 Brandon Diplock Bob Neiswander
1999/00 Josh Frick Ray Sharp
1998/99 Leigh Chenoweth
1997/98 Peter Moore
1996/97 Dion Mason
1995/96 Mark Reynolds
1994/95 Ron McBride
1993/94 Wesley Dobbin
1992/93 Brad Jones
1991/92 Brenton Magor
Golden Grove Baseball Club Honour Board
Year President Secretary Treasurer Coach MVP
1997/98 Peter Mason Jeff Przibilla Larry Morris Gary Canfield Dion Mason
1996/97 Peter Mason Jeff Przibilla Larry Morris Gary Canfield Peter Moore
1995/96 Roger Prime Lyn Charlton Ian Foot Gary Canfield Danun Manson
1994/95 Roger Prime Faye Nathan Ian Foot Geoff Wilden Ron McBride
1993/94 B Dutton / R McBride Faye Nathan Ian Nathan Troy Kent Wes Dobbin
1992/93 Roger Prime R McBride / R Higgs Ian Nathan Brian Dutton Brad Jones
1991/92 Roger Prime Ron McBride Ian Nathan Brian Dutton Brenton Magor
Central Districts Baseball Club Honour Board
Year President Coach Top Batter MVP Life Member
1997/98 L Goulding S Conry J Anderson B Fowler Rob Laidlaw
1996/97 M Batson M McClarty S Lee S Lee Barry O’Brien
1995/96 C Underhill R Giumelli T Opitz T Opitz Patty Murphy
1994/95 P Wotton R Giumelli T Opitz J Anderson Trevor Murphy
1993/94 M Bell B O’Brien Steve Partington J Carismo Steve Conry
1992/93 G Kearvell S Conry Steve Partington K Prokopec Steve Hardman
1991/92 P Wotton R Buffolino R Buffolino Steve Partington Jeff Pratt
1990/91 P Wotton B Dutton A Fowler R Buffolino Mr & Mrs Pratt
1989/90 P Wotton B Dutton B Dutton Steve Partington Mrs B McNamara
1988/89 P Wotton B Farley John Pratt B Farley Clyde Williamson
1987/88 B Dutton B O’Brien R McGregor B Farley Peter Trenorden
1986/87 B Dutton R Prime B Dutton Steve Partington Gerry Roberts
1985/86 R Murphy John Pratt John Pratt R Day John Watt
1984/85 Jeff Pratt R Chandler J Carismo John Pratt
1983/84 Jeff Pratt M Gillen John Pratt S Conry
1982/83 G Rance B O’Brien D Roberts G Moar
1981/82 Jeff Pratt B O’Brien D Roberts R Day
1980/81 P Rance D Roberts D Roberts John Pratt
1979/80 Jeff Pratt Dave Harkin C Roney D Roberts
1978/79 Jeff Pratt Dave Harkin John Pratt M Gillen
1977/78 D Roney D Roberts M Mendrin G Moar
1976/77 E McNamara D Roberts L Roberts G Moar
1975/76 R Harkin B Dutton G Harrison D Harkin
1974/75 P Trenorden B O’Brien / B Dutton B Dutton G Moar
1973/74 G Roberts B O’Brien B Dutton D Harkin
1972/73 G Roberts B O’Brien K Johns G Moar
1971/72 D Scarborough B O’Brien K Johns G Moar
1970/71 P Trenorden G Roberts G Roberts M Watson
1969/70 P Trenorden G Roberts G Roberts B Price
1969 P Trenorden M Watson P Trenorden K Copland
1968/69 P Trenorden M Little K Noell K Noell
1968 M McLeod G Roberts G Roberts K Noell
1967 M McLeod G Roberts G Roberts P Box
1966 M McLeod G Roberts G Roberts M Little
1965 M McLeod G Roberts P Roberts Snr T Ramsay
1964 M McLeod T Ramsay M Brown R Moate
1963 M McLeod T Ramsay T Ramsay R Jupe
1962 S Premberton T Ramsay N White R Jupe
Golden Grove Central Districts Baseball Club Pennants
Year Grade Score Result
2021/22 GGCD Little League Div 2 Golden Grove CD 15 def Goodwood 5
2021/22 GGCD Women’s Div 2 GGCD 7 def Sturt 6
2014/15 GGCD U19 GGCD 9 def West Torrens 8
2012/13 GGCD Div 7 GGCD 8 def Playford 6
2011/12 GGCD U14/1 undefeated GGCD 14 def Port Adelaide 0
2011/12 GGCD Div 2 GGCD 4 def Kensington 2 (11 innings)
2010/11 GGCD Div 8 undefeated GGCD 19 def. Goodwood 5
2009/10 GGCD Div 5
2008/09 GGCD LL Minor North GGCD 9 def. Northen Districts 8
2007/08 GGCD Div 5 GGCD 20 def. East Torrens 12
2007/08 GGCD LL Major GGCD 13 def. Norths Districts 9
2007/08 GGCD Dodgers LL Minor North Dodgers 11 def. GGCD 2
2005/06 GGCD Dodgers U14/2 Dodgers 12 def. Saints Teal 4
2002/03 GGCD Dodgers U16/2 Dodgers 9 def. Sturt 6
2001/02 GGCD U16/1 GGCD  8 def. Sturt 0
2001/02 GGCD U16/2 GGCD 18 def. West Torrens 8
2001/02 GGCD Dodgers U14/2 Dodgers 9 def. Eeast Torrens 3
1999/00 GGCD U14/1 GGCD 11 def. Kensington 3
1996/97 Golden Grove U14/2
1996/97 Golden Grove U14/1
1995/96 Golden Grove U14/3 GG 15 def. Southern Districts 12
1995/96 Golden Grove Div 7 undefeated GG 12 def. Goodwood  6
1994/95 Dodgers U14/2 undefeated Dodgers 14 def. Sturt  12
1994/95 Golden Grove U18/1 GG 4 def. Southern Districts  3
1994/95 Central Districts Div 1 CD 5 def. Sothern Districts  1
1993/94 Golden Grove U18/1
1992/93 Golden Grove U14/2
1991/92 Central Districts Div 5 CD 10 def. Henly & Grange  7
1981/82 Central Districts Under 15 CD 11 def. Smithfield  4
1978/79 Central Districts Under 15 CD 18 def. Goodwood  10
1978/79 Central Districts Under 17 CD 12 def. Henly & Grange  10
1970/71 Central Districts Junior Colts CD 23 def. Port Adelaide  12
1966 Central Districts Minor A CD 6 def. East Torrens  5
1963 Central Districts Minor B CD 10 def. UniSA  3
1963 Central Districts Minor G CD 14 def. YMCA  9
1962 Central Districts Minor C CD 9 def. West Torrens  4
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