Club Perpetual Awards
Club Person of the Year: Jason Trembath
Club Player of the Year: Shane George
Dedicated Junior Award: Noah Rodgers

Life Membership Awarded
Mark Shotton
Anne Christensen

Capps Medal
The following players finished in the top 5 League Votes in their respective divisions.
AJ Verastegui (Division 1, placed 5th)
Alex Earle (Division 3)
Brandon Diplock (Division 4)
Steve Whitehead (Division 4)
Shane George (Division 6 John Tyson Medal Winner)
Sean Davies (Division 7)
Katie Carpenter (Women’s Division 3)
Maddy Portlock (Women’s Division 3)

The following players were named in team of the year for Super League and State League Division 1
Jake Campbell (Super League Team of the Year, Shortstop)
Brandon Manzella (Super League Team of the Year, Right Field and Division 1 Rookie of the Year)
Darren Roberts (Division 1 Coach of the Year)

Individual Awards
State League Division 1
Coach: Darren Roberts
Most Valuable Player: AJ Verastegui
Batting Award: Brandon Manzella
Best Team Person: Brandon Manzella
Golden Glove: Sam Bawden
Players Player Award: Nick Wallis and Samuel Martin

State League Division 2
Coach: Sam Bawden
Most Valuable Player: Kynan Skein
Batting Award: Jamie Rix
Coach’s Award: Ren Miller

Women’s League Division 2
Coach: Ethan Murphy
Most Valuable Player: Katie Carpenter
Coach’s Award: Michelle Nicholls
Most Improved Player: Emma Green

2021-22 Women’s League Division 2 Premiership Team
Ethan Murphy (Coach)
Jamie Rix (Assistant Coach)
Terri Atherton
Kristyn Barry
Katie Carpenter
Jay Galmesa
Georgina Gordon
Emma Green
Shaelie Martin
Mia Murdock
Georgia Murphy
Michelle Nicholls
Mikyla Payne
Millicent Webb

State League Division 3
Coach: Alex Earle
Golden Glove: Myles Payne
Most Improved Player: Daniel Maley
Coach’s Award: Samuel Martin

Women’s League Division 3 – GGCD
Coach: Scott Coxhill
Most Valuable Player: Madison Portlock
Best Offensive Player: Samantha Pullens
Best Team Person: Janine Fedorchuk-Weeks

Women’s League Division 3 – Dodgers
Coach: Brandon Diplock
Most Valuable Player: Joanne Burns
Silver Slugger: Mackenzie Barnes
Best Team Person: Rachel Tibbits

State League Division 4
Coach: Jason Trembath
Most Valuable Player: Brandon Diplock
Silver Slugger: Steve Whitehead
Best Team Man: Paul Rushton
Golden Glove: Kirby Smith

State League Division 5
Coach: Ash White
Most Valuable Player: Paul Knight
Batting Award: Greg Rodgers
Coach’s Award: Alex Christensen

State League Division 6
Coach: Peter Moore
Most Valuable Player: Shane George
Batting Award: Steven Brooks
Coach’s Award: Timothy John

State League Division 7
Coach: Roger Prime
Most Valuable Player: James Sheekey
Batting Award: James Sheekey
Golden Glove: Mark Morrison

State League Division 8
Coach: Stuart Matthews
Most Valuable Player: Stuart Matthews
Golden Glove: Todd Blackford
Silver Slugger: Nathan McGrath

Senior League Division 2
Coach: Greg Rodgers
Assistant Coach: Andy Hindes
Assistant Coach: Phill Hall
Most Valuable Player: Noah Rodgers
Batting Award: James Thomas
Coach’s Award: Wil Carpenter

Junior League Division 1
Coach: Sam Tibbits
Assistant Coach: Kirby Smith
Batting Award: Blake Ung
Coach’s Award: Tyler Green
Most Valuable Player: Jordan Miller

Junior League Division 2
Coach: Bob Neiswander
Assistant Coach: Rob Appleton
Most Valuable Player: Elliot Webster-Brown
Best Team Man: Aedan McGarry
Coach’s Award: Brodie Milne

Little League Division 1
Coach: Jason Trembath
Assistant Coach: Matthew Burns
Assistant Coach: Brandon Diplock
Most Valuable Player: Liam Trembath
Runner-up MVP: Levi Burns
Best Team Man: Harrison Manson

Little League Division 2 – Dodgers GGCD
Coach: Shane George
Assistant Coach: Michelle Hallam
Most Valuable Player: Olivia George
Most Valuable Player: William Dennis
Batting Award: Cruz Caruso
Most Improved Player: Elliot Warwick

Little League Division 2 – GG Central Districts
Coach: Matthew Horton
Assistant Coach: Grant Crebbin
Assistant Coach: Gavin Payne
Assistant Coach: Andrew Brennan
Most Valuable Player: Mitchell Stevens
Batting Award: Zac Hatchard
Most Improved Player: Lachlan Bettess
Coach’s Award: Phoenix Matkovic

Little League Division 2 – Golden Grove CD
Coach: Danun Manson
Assistant Coach: Scott Law
Assistant Coach: Craig Passmore
Most Valuable Player: Lawyer Hosking
Batting Award: Archie Oliver
Most Improved Player: Hamish Passmore
Coach’s Award: Ryder Wassermann

2021-22 Little League Division 2 Premiership Team
Danun Manson (Coach)
Scott Law (Assistant Coach)
Craig Passmore (Assistant Coach)
Riley Brockhurst
Lachlan Drowley
Ricky Ferris
Aidan Hicks
Lawyer Hosking
Lachlan Law
Amelia Manson
Archie Oliver
Hamish Passmore
Ryder Wassermann

Minor League – GGCD
Coach: Janine Fedorchuk-Weeks
Assistant Coach: Yuji Weeks
Assistant Coach: Blake Ung
Most Valuable Player: Hunter Ung
Batting Award: Oscar Aspinall
Most Improved Player: George Aspinall
Coach’s Award: Lylah Mueller

Minor League – Dodgers
Coach: Bianca Purvis
Assistant Coach: Jamie Rix
Batting Award: Chase Mazurek
Coach’s Award: Patrick Butcher
Most Improved Player: Zachary White

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