GAME DETAIL’s – R O U N D 2 2 & S E M I F I N A Ls

Friday 11 March

* SEMI FINAL: WL/2 (Ethan’s) GGCD 13 vs Port Adelaide 6
Hits: Mia Murdoch 2, Kristyn Barry HR, Georgina 2B,
Terri Atherton 2B, Katie Carpenter 1, Mikyla 1.
Battery: Katie Carpenter (45) / Mikyla Payne (32) / Georgina Gordon (18) to Georgia Murphy.
Scorer: Ron Murphy League Umpires: Danny Symonds & Paul van der Koogh

WL/3 (Scott’s) GGCD 4 vs Glenelg 7
Hits: Maddy Portlock 2, Sam Pullens 1, Leslie Phillips 1.
Battery: Mel Brett / Maddy Portlock to Janine Weeks
Scorer: Michael Phillips GGCD Club Umpire:Tim Strong

WL/3 (Dip’s) Dodgers 14 @ East Torrens 6
Hits: McKenzie Barnes 3, Michelle Rodgers 2 (1 x 2B),
Liv Trembath 2B, Rachel Tibbits 1, Kia Burns 1,
Jo Burns 1, Tess Diplock 1, Bree Rix 1, Izzy Cook 1.
Battery: Jo Burns (29) / Tess Diplock (36) to Bree Rix.
Scorer: Viv Barnes GGCD Club Umpire: Steve Whitehead

NOTE: This game was moved to ET because GGCD’s diamonds were full.
GGCD was still deemed the Home team supplying baseballs and Umpire.

Saturday 12 March

Div 1 GGCD (DR’s) 1 vs Sturt 6
Hits: Jamie Rix 2, Nick Wallis (First appearance in Div 1) 2B,
Jake Shotton 2B, Brandon Manzella 1.
Battery: AJ (127), Ethan Badcock (42), Cameron Keats (14) to Jake Shotton
Scorer: Michael Phillips League Umpires: Neil Poulton & Ron Kennealy

Div 2 GGCD (Sam’s) 5 vs Sturt 4
Hits: Jamie Rix 3, Cameron Keats 2 (1 x 2B),
Ethan Badcock 2, Ben Strong 1, Harry Bastian 1.
Battery: Johnny Inglis (119) to Ren Miller
Scorer: Alyson Badcock League Umpire: Gavin Wood & Community Umpire Darren Unger

Note: It was a walk off win by Cameron Keats hitting the ball hard and cementing the team into the playoffs next week.

Div 3 GGCD (Alex’s) 7 vs Sturt 6
Hits: Alex Earle 2 (1 x 2B, 1 x HR), Tyler Strong 1, Sam Martin 1.
Battery: Alex Earle / Nick Fowler to Myles Payne / Alex Earle.
Scorer: Vicky West League Umpire: Ron Kennealy

Note: With scores tied at the bottom of the ninth, first up hitter, Alex Earle, puts one over LF fence for a walk off win!
A great way to finish the season!

SEMI FINAL : DIV 4 GGCD (Jason’s) 16 @ Northern Districts vs East Torrens 15
Hits: Steve (Whitey) Whitehead 3(1x2B), Matt (Burnsi) Burns 3, Branden (Dipper) Diplock 2 (1 x2B),
Joel (Jeter) Mazurek 2, Scott (Scotty) Coxhill 2, Paul (Rushy) Ruston 2, Kirby (Kirby) Smith 2B,
Gavin (Gav) Payne 2B, Paul (Knighty) Knight 1, Alex Christensen 1, Greg Rodgers 1.
Battery: Whitey (127), Gav (54), Rushy (20), Dipper (23) to Kirby.
Scorer: Tess Diplock League Umpires: Kym Smith & Karen Papps

NOTE: Game went into extra innings. A roller coaster ride all the way to the end after 4 hours and 6 minutes of battle.
ET got up by 3 runs at the top of the tenth! It looked grim, but the Dodgers came back with one out and men on with the score tied.
Dipper came up to bat and with the count 2 and 2, he drove in the winning run with a deep hit into the outfield for a walk off win.
Lots of hits and lots of fun bringing home the chocolates after a hard fought game. Well done, fellas!

Sunday 13 March

SEMI FINAL: JL/2 (Bob’s) 6 @ Kensington 16 (mercy)
Hits: Liam Trembath 1, Brodie Milne 1, Hudson Appleton 1,
Aedan McGarry 1, Rhys Tagg 1, Lucas Hart 1.
Battery: Aedan McGarry (87) / Brodie Milne (25) to Elliot Brown
Scorer: Fay Hart League Umpire: Stef Grafton

Note: Game finished at end of 5TH inning due to mercy rule ☹
Many thanks to Liam Trembath and Owen Hughes for filling in for our two players in covid iso.

SEMI FINAL: LL/1 (Jason’s) 1 @ Southern Districts 2
Hits: Liam Trembath 3B, Ashton Diplock 1.
Battery: Levi Burns / Will Wildman to Harrison Manson.
Scorer: Ian Manson League Umpire: Ben Black

SEMI FINAL: LL/2 (Matt’s) GG Central Districts 8 vs Goodwood 9
Hits: Michael Stevens 2 (1 x 3B, 1 x HR), Lachlan Bettess 2,
Brooklyn Lauber 1, Zac Hatchard 1, Phoenix Matkovic 1.
Battery: Mitchell Stevens (67) / Lachlan Bettess (65) / Liam Brennan (27) to Zac Hatchard.
Scorer: Kirsty Brennan GGCD Club Umpire: Sam Martin

SEMI FINAL: LL/2 (Danun’s) Golden Grove CD 14 vs Gawler 1
Hits: Archie Oliver 2 (1 x2B), Hamish Passmore 1, Ricky Ferris 1,
Ryder Wasserman 1, Aiden Hicks 1, Amelia Manson 1.
Battery: Ricky Ferris (61) / Aiden Hicks (5) to Archie Oliver
Scorer: Tim Hosking GGCD Club Umpire: Tim Strong

SEMI FINAL: LL/2 (Shane’s) Dodgers 9 vs Southern Districts 11
Hits: Ethan Greenwood 2 (1 x HR), Cruz Caruso 2 (1 x3B), Elliot Warwick 2,
Will Dennis 2B, Alex Klaebe 1, Ryan Branden 1, Chase Mazurek 1.
Battery: Cruz Caruso (45) / Elliot Warwick (46) / Olivia George (33) to Will Dennis.
Scorer: Alf Dennis GGCD Club Umpire: Shaun Evans

Have a good week!

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