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2 Wilkinson Road – Para Hills, SA


DIV 1 (DR’s Team) GGCD 2 v Glenelg 0
Hits: Jake Campbell 3 (1 x 2B), Branden Manzella 2, AJ 1, Sam Bawden 1, Cam Keats 1.
Battery: Johnny Inglis / AJ to Jake Shotton
MVP: Jake Campbell (Amelia)

DIV 2 GGCD(Sam’s Team) 2 v Glenelg 5
Hits: Kynan Skein, William Lumley, Jamie Rix.
Battery: Ethan Badcock / Reed Brown to Ren Miller
MVP: Reed Brown (Richard Bastian)

Div 3 GGCD (Alex’s Team) 6 v Glenelg 5
Hits: Josh Wilkinson 3, Sean Maley 2 (1 x 2B), Ben Strong 2 (1 x 2B), Sam Martin 2B, Jamie Rix 1, Kory Christensen 1, Miles Payne 1.
Battery: Nic Fowler / Jamie Rix to Alex Earle/ Harry Bastian
MVP: Ben Strong (Jodie Walsh)

DIV 4 GGCD (Jason’s Team) 3 v Henley & Grange 3
Hits: Joel Mazurek 2, Steve Whitehead 2B, Branden Diplock 1, Gavin Payne 1, Kirby Smith 1.
Battery: Brandon Diplock / Gavin Payne to Kirby Smith

DIV 5 GGCD 3 (Ash’s Team) 3 v Henley & Grange 6
Hits: Paul Knight HR, Peter Renfrey 2, Greg Rodgers.
Battery: Scott Miller / Sachi D’Nayake to John Daley

DIV 6 GGCD (Peter’s Team) 6 v Glenelg 4
Hits: Adam Perotti 2 x2B, Hughie Childs 1, Shane George 1.
Battery: Shane George (96 Pitches) to Adam Perotti

Coach, Peter Moore said, ‘Great team win against good opposition. Well pitched by Shane George.
Good batting drawing 5 walk and not leaving them stranded on base.’

DIV 7 GGCD (Roger’s Team) 10 v Glenelg 10
Hits: Aaron Boddey 3 (1 x 2B), Kieran Homes 2 (1 x 3B), Lachlan Roberts 2, James Sheekey, Season Davies , Mark Morrison.
Battery: Sean Davies to Lachlan Roberts; Lachlan Roberts to James Sheekey.

DIV 8 GGCD (Wiz’s Team) 6 v Gawler 4
Hits: Todd Blackford 3 (1 x 2B), Michael Aghan 2B, Jacob Bennetts, Nathan McGrath, Stuart (Wiz) Matthews, Declan Cunningham.
Battery: Wiz Matthews / Pip Howden to Nathan McGrath

Great place for a meal and a catch up!

Our WBL teams start on Friday, 29 October from 6pm (Twilight games)




U17s (Greg’s Team) – BYE

15/1 GGCD (Sam’s Team) 6 v West Torrens 9
Hits: Tyler Green 2B, Yugi Weeks 1, Blake Ung 1, Lincoln Diplock 1, Lucas Manson 1.
Battery: Jordyn Miller / Zac Tibbits / Aaron Smith to Lucas Manson.

15/2 GGCD (Bob’s Team) 0 v Goodwood 21
Hits: 0
Battery: Aedan McGarry / Brodie Milne / Hudson Appleton to Lucas Hart.

U13/1 GGCD (Jason’s Team – BYE

U13/2 GGCD (Danun’s Team) 18 v East Torrens 9
Hits: Archie Oliver 3 (3 x 2B), Lawyer Hosking 2, Riley Brockhurst 2,
Aiden Hicks 2B, Hamish Passmore 1, Lachlan Law 1.
Battery: Hosking to Aiden Hicks / Harrison Manson to Aiden Hicks/Aaliyah Purvis.

13/2 CENTRALS (Matt’s Team) 12 at Southern Districts 13
Hits: Mitchell Stevens 3(1x3B), Riley Slattery 1, Liam Brennan 1, Zac Hatchard 1.
Battery: Mitchell Crebbin / Lachlan Bettess to Liam Brennan / Zach Hatchard.

U13/2 DODGERS (Shane’s Team) @ Adelaide
Hits: William Dennis 3, Olivia George 2 (1 x 2B), Ryan Branden 2,
Elliot Warwick 1, Cruz Caruso 2B, Archie Hansen 1.
Battery: William Caruso / Ethan Greenwood / Olivia George to William Dennis.

U11 GGCD (Janine’s Team) 0 v East Torrens 6
Hits: Oscar Aspinall 2B
Battery: Oscar Aspinall / Hunter Ung to Kaia Weeks //
Lylah Mueller / Kaia Weeks / Indie Loveys to Charlie Cope.

U11 DODGERS (Bianca’s Team) 0 v Henley & Grange 9
Hits: Chase Mazurek 1, Blake Bahnisch 1.
Battery: Aaron Mogg to Patrick Butcher / Chase Mazurek to Noah Soar /
Noah Soar to Blake Bahnisch.

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