4 November 2020

Our Club wishes to thank all our following sponsors for their support THIS season and we WELCOME our new sponsor: SMILE CENTRE Dentistry.

Please patronize our sponsors if you have a need for their services. Their patronage is greatly appreciated. See our website for more information

Hi Everyone,

This weekend will see our Div 1 Dodgers play at Home versus the Glenelg Tigers from 3pm.

It will be our last Home game for several weeks, so come on out and cheer on the Home team.

I’m sure they would enjoy your support.

Our other Sunday Seniors, Div 2 and Div 3, will also be playing at Home

with our Div 3s starting at 10am and Div 2s starting at 12:30pm.

All on our Main diamond playing Glenelg.

We have three Junior games on the top ground as well – U11 Dodgers, 13/1s and U15s.

Looks like another busy and beautiful day at Dodger Town.

Below is the canteen roster for the weekend – Round 5:

No description available.


Situation: Two outs, the runner on Third base is hit by a fair, batted ball near the base (while standing on the line, hence, in fair territory).

The umpire properly declares the runner out for interference. Since this is the third out, the batter never reached first base.

Question: Does the batter get to bat again to lead off the next inning?


Our Annual Halloween party was a huge success. T

hanks for everyone that attended in their scary costumes 😊

Another family fun time for everyone!

SANDLOT BASEBALL – Saturday Morning 9am – 10:30am

All U11 and U13 players are invited to have some real fun – no parents allowed! 😊

Come along whenever you can get there (playing on the top diamond).

Bring your glove and be prepared to smile a LOT playing SandLOT baseball.

Contact Matt Burns if you have any questions – see below.


A BASEBALL comprises a rubber or cork centre wrapped in yarn and covered with white horsehide or cowhide.

The circumference of a regulation baseball is 9–​9 1⁄4 inches (229–235 mm) with a diameter of ​2 55⁄64–​2 15⁄16 inches – almost 3 inches (73–75 mm).

It weighs 5 to ​5 1⁄4 oz. (142 to 149 grams).

A baseball is bound together by 108 hand-woven stitches through the cowhide leather.

The leather cover is commonly formed from two peanut-shaped pieces stitched together, typically with red-dyed thread.

That stitching plays a significant role in the trajectory of a thrown baseball due to the drag caused by the interaction between the stitching and the air.

Controlling the orientation of the stitches and the speed of the ball’s rotation allows a pitcher to affect the behaviour of the pitched ball in specific ways.

Commonly employed pitches include the curveball, the slider, the two-seam fastball, the four-seam fastball, the sinker, the cutter and the changeup.

What is your best pitch? 😊


With all our 50 tickets now sold, our weekly draws will commence tomorrow, Thursday at 8PM.

We will have six, Thursday night draws and each time a winning number is drawn,

it will be re-entered for another chance at the $50!

The Grand Prize draw will take place on Saturday, 12 December with four x $50 draws plus the BIG Reverse draw on the night. A total of 10 x $50 draws.

With all the numbers back in the ‘barrel’, we will start the Reverse draw – removing the numbers to end up with our final three numbers. Nail biter time!

The third last number will win $100, the second last number will win $200 and the last number out of the barrel takes home the chocolates: $700!

$1000 to be given away just in time for Christmas!

Those in the draw will receive free drinks on the night while the Big draw is in progress.

Good luck to all our supporters in our ‘50 Club’ fundraiser!


For scoring purposes, the batter is credited with a base hit and – he does not bat again to lead off the next inning.
(FYI – RUNNERS – do NOT stand on the third base foul line when leading off – stand well into the dirt or foul territory!)

An oldie, but goodie…


Or just plain water 😊

Good luck on the weekend!



Bob Neiswander

GGCD e-NEWS Editor

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