25 November 2021
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Hi Everyone,

Our Div 1 squad will be playing away at Sturt on Saturday.
There will be some competitive games, but the teams are up for it.

Our Div 8 team will start off the day at Sturt also, while our Div 5, 6 & 7 teams will play at Home on the Saturday.
The Div 4s will take the road trip to play at So. Districts.

On Friday, our WL GGCD Div 3 (Scott’s team) will play Port Adelaide at Home.
Ethan’s WL Div 2 team will play at So. Districts from 6:30pm. Dipper’s Div 3 team will play at West Torrens.

On Sunday, our Juniors are spread out all over the metro area.
Greg’s U17s, Sam’s 15/1s and Jason’s 13/1s are all at Sturt.
Bob’s 15/2s are at Adelaide and Jason’s 13/1s play Sturt at Flinders.

Shane and Matt’s 13/2 teams play at Home v Adelaide and Woodville respectively.
Danun’s 13/2 team plays at Gawler.

Janine’s U11 team play at Home v No. Districts and Bianca’s U11s play at Kensington.
Play hard and play well. Do your best and have fun!

Situation: Runners on first and second with one out.
The batter hits a high fly ball into the infield area. What is your call?

All juniors are invited to participate on Thursday, 2 December from 6PM until 7:30PM!
Our Div 1 Coach, Darren Roberts (DR) and the Div 1-3 Squad will be hosting this Special training night.

DR will be setting up stations with his players to cover Pitching, Catching, Hitting and Fielding – infield and outfield.
After training, a free sausage sizzle and soft drink will be offered to all OR enjoy a Club meal for $5. Bring the family.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to train and meet our Div 1 squad players. See you there!

After months of trying to return home from the States due to the Covid pandemic, Div 1 player, Blake Farr has arrived home -at last!
He has been studying and playing baseball as an infielder and hitter for the Labette Community College Cardinals in the state of Kansas in the USA.

Soon after he finally touched down here in Adelaide on Wednesday, he was seen in our batting tunnels swinging the bat!
Welcome home, Blake.

Our ‘50 CLUB’ – will have their first draw Thursday, 25 November (CLUB NIGHT) at 8pm. All numbers have been sold, so let the fun begin!
The remaining $50 weekly draws will culminate on Saturday, 18 December with the REVERSE DRAW for $700 grand prize, $300 and $100.

All this will take place during our GALA Christmas show at the Clubhouse!
It’s going to be a fun night with free beer for 50 Club members! (well, for a while anyway 😊)

The ORANGE CONDUIT that hangs in the shed and has the keys to the padlocks and change rooms is missing – and has been for a long while.
Please check your bags and have a look. I’m sure they are out there somewhere.

Spread the word and ask if anyone of your teammates may have it in their kit bag.
If found, please hang ‘em up! 😊

Our Div 2 Women’s team will be serving Chicken Wraps and Chips for $5.
(For some of us, we’ll pretend its turkey as it’s Thanksgiving Day😊)

Don’t forget to buy a raffle ticket too for the Meat Tray!
Great value for a $1…if you win it 🙂

Save the date: Saturday, 18 December 2021; 6PM – 10:30PM

A BASEBALL comprises a rubber or cork centre wrapped in yarn and covered with white horsehide or cowhide.

The circumference of a regulation baseball is 9–​9 1⁄4 inches (229–235 mm) with a diameter of ​2 55⁄64–​2 15⁄16 inches – almost 3 inches (73–75 mm).
It weighs 5 to ​5 1⁄4 oz. (142 to 149 grams).

The baseball is bound together by 108 hand-woven stitches through the cowhide leather.
The leather cover is commonly formed from two peanut-shaped pieces stitched together, typically with red-dyed thread.

That stitching plays a significant role in the trajectory of a thrown baseball due to the drag caused by the interaction between the stitching and the air.
Controlling the orientation of the stitches and the speed of the ball’s rotation allows a pitcher to affect the behaviour of the pitched ball in specific ways.

Commonly employed pitches include the <> curveball, the <> slider, the <> two-seam fastball, the <> four-seam fastball, the <> sinker, the <> cutter and the <> changeup.
What is your best pitch? 😊

The batter is OUT. The ‘Infield Fly Rule’ is applied.

To better understand this rule, question yourself:
“What is the purpose of the ‘Infield Fly Rule’.”
Answer: It is to protect the runners on first and second!

To understand the Situation:
1. With one or none out, there must be runners at 1st and 2nd (other than the batter runner who should already be running to 1st).

2. And when a Fly Ball is hit into the infield and could fall, untouched to the ground, the ‘Infield Fly’ is called.

The ‘Infield Fly Rule’ exists to protect the two Base Runners from a potential Double Play -and this is done by calling the batter out and, therefore, removing the force.

The ‘Infield Fly Rule’ does not apply on a Bunt or Line Drive and in this case, the ball is alive and remains in play!

Have a FUN weekend! -and PLEASE remember to ‘Check In’!

Bob Neiswander
GGCD e-NEWS Editor

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