Our Club wishes to thank all our following sponsors for their support last season…we hope we can see them again for this coming season!

Please patronize our sponsors if you have a need for their services. Their patronage is greatly appreciated. See our website for more information

Hi Everyone,

We must say another big Welcome to more new players who have come this past week to join our Dodgers family!
We hope you enjoy your time here with us.

As you all know, we are a volunteer operated Club and your involvement is something we count on for its smooth operation.
There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes to make it a joy to come out and play baseball.

We hope you all find time to fulfill the rosters and just help around the Club.
Whether it be to pick up that piece of paper on the ground, empty some bins, be a score keeper or pitch counter, it all helps.
Thank you in advance 😊

If batter number 7 on the line-up list bats out of turn and makes it to first base, whom is out? (answer below)

This season we have nominated at total of 20 Baseball teams! It is comprised of the following:
8 x State League: Divisions 1 through 8
3 x Women’s League: 1 x Division 2 and 2 x Division 3s
9 x Junior Competition: 1 x U17 (Senior League/2), 1 x U15/1 & 1 x 15/2 (Junior League/1&2),
1 x 13/1 & 3 x 13/2 (Little League/1&2) and 2 x U11s (Minor League).
We are one of the largest of Clubs in the Baseball SA League!

We are looking for another couple players for our U15s. (We have 25 on our list at the moment)
If we do, we will nominate another 15/2 team!
Let me know if you can bring a mate to join in the fun.

Our BSA League Office has released some exciting news regarding further Charter involvement.

Last season’s BSA “Little League Development” team will dissolve and we will, now, follow the Little League International® “Little League Division 2 Charter” program.
We will run a State tournament where we will enter a LLD2 team into the National Series!

To qualify for either of these Charter teams a player must participate in 60% or more of the games scheduled for that Grade,
this means that a Club must have LLD2 team entered in the SABL competition to qualify.
(GGCD have three!)

More info from BA on LLD2 is being launched mid-October.
Got any questions? Please contact Giang at <>


This season, the League has TOLD each Club to appoint an Umpire Coordinator.

If you are interested in this most important position, please contact
Kristen Webb, our Baseball Operations Director for more information.

She can be contacted by email: <> or
via FB Messenger. Please consider.

Because all Senior teams play on Saturdays,
most BUASA (League) Umpires will be assigned to the upper grades.

Therefore, our lower State League Divisions, Women’s League and Junior Competition games
will be done by Club Umpires.

Our Club’s Umpire Coordinator will be advised as to what teams will be needing Club Umpires
usually on a Wednesday evening.

He will then, contact our Club Umpires for their availability to fulfill this obligation.
Please consider coming forward for this role of Club Umpire.

If you are interested in volunteering to umpire our Club games this season,
please use the link below to register and find out more.


All our Club umpires are paid and given a cool refreshment after the game for volunteering.

Please give it some thought to umpire our Club games.
There’s no game without an Umpire!

WORK BEE – SATURDAY: 9AM – 12NOON – 18 Sept 😊
Gavin Payne, our Director of Equipment, House and Grounds, will be focusing on
the top diamond (our Diamond #2) this coming Saturday.

Bring a shovel, rake or wheelbarrow – or just come out!
There will be something to do. Guys and gals are all invited!

Cut outs need to be refurbished (but not as big as the Main diamond cut-outs),
dugouts need to be cleaned and further work on the bull pen area.

Most important is to find the plug-in holes on the top diamond for the different sized basepaths that will
be used on this diamond. There are three holes per base for a total of 9 plug-ins to be found: 60’, 80’ and 90’.
A real treasure hunt!

Thanks to all for coming out last Saturday to get our Main Diamond ready for the season.

A NOTE FROM GAVIN – (Equipment & Grounds)
It’s that time of the year to clean out your personal annual kit bag and
return the baseballs to the Club for training! 😊
Please put them into the milk crates in the equipment shed.

CUT OUTS: After each game and training session, please rake and level the cut outs.
Brush sand back into cut outs and tamp down the mound and batter’s boxes.
Please do NOT rake towards the grass edges.

Gavin says the grounds are looking good (and I think we all agree), but more work is under way to
improve our playing conditions and ground appearance.

He asks to please maintain the diamonds as above, so that his Grounds team can focus on
other jobs needed doing.

SCORING CLINIC – Every team needs a scorer!
Vicky West, our Club’s Scorers Delegate, will be hosting a Scorers clinic on
Tuesday, 21 September at our Clubrooms from 7:30pm-8:30pm.

All teams will need scorers and these sessions are a great way to learn in
a friendly environment and ask all those questions you want to ask.

This clinic is for Beginner Scorers, but anyone is welcome if
they want a refresher or just to learn more about it.

If your player is new to the club or just starting to get excited about
playing, please consider to get involved with their team and become a scorer.

Please bring along a note pad, pencil, and rubber.
She will ask for your email addy to provide you with further information.
We hope to see you there!

The dream is coming to reality –
Last month, we applied for a grant to build our very own training facility!

The Active Sport grant was submitted with Plans, matching funds, Council approval and
some hard work by our Board Members (Thanks, Liv).

The Surrey Downs Winter Baseball Club has also provided a large
amount of these funds to help bring this dream to fruition. (Thanks, Roger).

This is a huge step forward to what we have been talking about for too many years.
It will be situated where our present batting tunnels are located – only BIGGER!

It will have a multifunctional facility with movable nets allowing up to three lanes plus a gym and storage area.
The nets can also be moved to make an open area for infield training sessions.

The air conditioned ‘Taj Mahal’ 😊 will be up and running ASAP once we get the grant approval.
We will find out in December if the grant will be granted.
Watch this space!

If you are buying a bat this season, be sure you purchase the right bat!
Keep in mind that there are specific bat regulations for the various grades.

Bats are expensive and our Club has some of the best bats already available in our kit bags.

The length and weight of the bat is a consideration as well.
Choose wi$ely.

Sponsorship is a very important part of our Club’s viability to help sustain our Club –
especially early in our season when we don’t have much of a cash flow for starting up expenses.

It’s up to ALL Club members (Yes, this means you) to help locate
companies or individuals willing to support our community’s sport.

We have approximately 250 families involved with our Club plus their friends and neighbours.
It’s an investment in our future and the community!

Our sponsorship packages are below.
(We have held the cost of the Packages at the same values as previous years due the hardships caused by COVID-19.)
Hopefully, we can get more sponsors!

It’s your Club! – Keep it strong!
Contact me (Bob) or our Chair, Shaun, IF YOU HAVE A LEAD or need further information.

Go to our website: <> to register.
Click on the REGO icon found at the top right hand corner of our home page and go from there.

When registering a junior please enter the child’s name – not your name.
If you are also playing, volunteering, etc, you will require your own membership.
Head Coaches get half fees.

Should you have any questions about registering for this season,
please get in touch with Sharee, our Finance Director, on
0429 676 581 after 5pm weekdays and any time on weekends or
private message or email <> with a request for assistance.

All Club merchandise is now ordered online through our new supplier.
Please use this link <> to check out the range, all orders are sent direct to you.

MERCHANDISE orders should be delivered within 7-14 days.
Hats will be sold at the Club near the Seasoner opener: 9 October.
Grey pants can be purchased at the INTERSPORT Store in the Ingle Farm Shopping Centre.

If you have any questions regarding your uniform order, please contact Sharee.
Her details are above. Do not contact the supplier. Thank you.

Sunday, 26 September 2021 – 11am to 4pm
Something new this season for our Club.
More information is forthcoming, so SAVE THE DATE!

ARMCHAIR UMP: DID YOU MAKE THE RIGHT CALL? Answer: It is batter number 6 who was supposed to bat, not the batter who batted out of order.

TIP OF THE WEEK: You can be a Legend too!
Go to ‘You Tube’ videos to see what they can do for you as they did for her!

What a year this week has been!
Hope yours has been a good one 😊

We look forward to seeing you at the Work Bee!
Stay safe and be sure to ‘Check In’.


Bob Neiswander
GGCD e-NEWS Editor

If you don’t wish to receive these newsletters, please let me know.

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