16 DECEMBER 2021
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Hi Everyone,

I hope this finds you all well and ready for the Christmas break.
This weekend is our last round for our teams that are still playing.

Covid is here and unfortunately, it has affected some of our club’s last games of the year.

Last weekend – Women’s League, some Seniors and all Junior games were affected – no play.
The Covid brush has also affected some of this coming weekend’s games too.

All Games of these games were abandoned due to a Close Contact per a Baseball SA directive on Friday, 10/12 and will hopefully, be rescheduled.
If so, lots of Twilight games coming up.

If that’s the case, it looks like the Primary School oval will be used for a lot of our team’s training sessions!
Be sure to check the competition fixtures on the BSA website for further updates.

All those that were attending the grounds when the exposure happened on 5/12 cannot play, train or attend the grounds for two weeks per BSA!!!
They have all been banned for attending our grounds until the two weeks and one day has been met. Not happy, but …It is what it is.

Even our T-ball games on Friday, 10/12 were abandoned due to BSA’s declaration at midday Friday, 10/12 December.
All due to the previous Sunday’s home Junior game with WT on 5/12.

BTW – (A Close Contact per SA Health is generally defined as someone who has been face to face for at least 15 minutes or
been in the same closed space for at least 2 hours, as someone who has tested positive for the COVID-19 when that person was infectious.)

That directive was downgraded to a Casual Contact the next day on Saturday midday, but sure screwed up the weekend ☹
So far, all have tested NEGATIVE.

It’s all good to know that covid is here in SA, but when it lands on your doorstep, it creates a lot of turmoil, confusion and frustrations.
Stay safe.

(For all you Cricket fans, it was sorrowful news that Pat Cummins, Australia’s Cricket Captain and SA cricketer, had a meal last night with a Close Contact in the restaurant and prevented him from playing at home as the Captain in front of his family. It goes to show you that COVID doesn’t discriminate. ☹


Situation: The batter hits a ground ball to the first baseman…
The pitcher comes over to take the toss from the first baseman…but contact occurs between the pitcher and the batter-runner as they converge on the first base bag.
Is the batter-runner guilty of interference? (see below)

FRIDAY – Ethan’s WL Div 2 team will take on Kensy at Home – a replay of last season’s Grand Final.
Come out, enjoy the night and cheer on the Home team. It will be a warm night and the bar will be open 😊

Father Christmas will be on site for the T-Ball players that night to get their last words in for their presents!
Games may not proceed due to the forecasted 37C, but his reindeers are ready to bring him in for a last word from the players.
All kids are, of course, welcome. A free sausage and fruit box is offered to all players who come along.

Our other two WL team’s games have been abandoned per the covid brush at WT on 3/12.
Their next games are scheduled on 7 January 2022.

SATURDAY – DR’S athletes will all play at Henley and Grange preceded by Sam’s Div 2s and Alex’s Div 3s.
Stu’s Div 8 team will also play at Henley and Grange with the early start.

Peter’s Div 6 and Roger’s Div 7 are the only Home games on the day.
Jason’s Div 4 and Ash’s 5 team’s games have unfortunately, been abandoned due to the covid brush ☹.

SUNDAY – Not much to report here as six of our Junior team’s games have been abandoned due to BSA’s covid directive.

Our only Home game is our ML teams playing each other from 9am. Woo Hoo!
Janine’s team will play Bianca’s team in a derby. Should be fun.

The only other Junior team playing on the day is Matt Horton’s 13/2s playing at Gawler.
Good luck to all and have fun!

Everyone else has received an early start to their Christmas break.
All Juniors will return for their first games after the break on 30 January 2022.

As you can imagine the Covid brush has touched quite a few of our members.
Therefore, the Board has cancelled our Christmas Party, but they are re-scheduling it in the New Year.

Quite a few other Club’s that were touched by the covid directive and have cancelled their Christmas shows also.
Their players and organiser’s are also not available to their club due to Covid reasons.
They are banned per the BSA directive from attending their grounds for two weeks. ☹

BTW – The Reverse Draw for the ‘50 Club’ will be held during this re-scheduled event.
It will help someone pay their Christmas bills 😊

Tonight’s draw (16/12) was won by numbers 7 and 18.
The meat tray was won by Mark Shotton.
Thank you for your support to our club fundraiser.

The pitcher is guilty of obstruction since he is not fielding a ball in flight near him.
The runner is declared safe and the ball is dead.

Adding a bit of …

Thank you all for your support to our Club this season. It is much appreciated.

Have a great Christmas and all the best for a Safe and Healthy New Year!
Next publication will be in January 2022, so in the meantime, Stay safe and do the right thing.


Bob Neiswander
GGCD e-News Editor

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