16 DECEMBER 2020
Our Club wishes to thank all our following sponsors for their support this season

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Hi Everyone,

I hope this finds you all well.
We only have one more round before the Christmas/Summer break.

Our Div 1s played a twilight game at East Torrens last night that went into extra innings. Unfortunately, we went down in a nail biter game losing by one run: 2 -1.
No runs were scored until we scored in the sixth inning and then, it got tied up moving it into extra innings. ET came up the winner after a hard fought game against the sixth place Red Sox.

We have a Wowser of a Saturday at Home this weekend. Our Div 1, 2 & 3 teams play Southern Districts with our Div 1s playing a Double Header!
The first Div 1 game is from 2:30pm and the second is from 5pm. Our Div 3 game starts at 9:30am and the Div 2s start from 12 Noon.

After the second Div 1 game, we will be providing a sausage sizzle, steak sandwiches and chips in the veranda. Of course, the bar will be open all day.
Stay behind for an easy feed and some refreshments.

On our top diamond, the Div 7 Blue team take on Sturt from 10am and then, a Derby between our Div 4 teams from 12:30pm.
Matt and Rick’s team face off for two hours of fun prior to the start of the first Div 1 game on the main diamond.

Three of our Junior teams will be at Home on Sunday. Matt’s Dodgers Minor League team, Dip’s Little League team and Greg’s Junior League team all take on Port Adelaide teams.
It’s going to be a great weekend for baseball. Come on down and cheer on the Home teams! The canteen and bar will be open!

When batter number 7 is at bat -and is batting out of turn- with the count of two balls and two strikes when it is, then, discovered that he is batting out of turn.
Can batter six take his rightful turn and if so, what count does he start with?

The Bunnings BBQs are a great fundraiser for our Club. Thank you to all who volunteered over the past two recent events at their Modbury store.
With the Covid restrictions in place, we had to have fifteen volunteers (15!) during the day to make it work. That was five members for each of the three time slots!

A tough call, but thanks to all who came to the fore. It was a fun time away from the diamonds.
Bunnings has been a great help for us to raise some much needed funds.

Bunnings have given us another Saturday BBQ on 21 February 2021 (21/2/21).
Save the date. Another fun time to make more memories.

It has been noticed that bins of trash, milk crates, even L-screens have been left out after training sessions and games for the little darlings of the neighbourhood to make mischief of. See photo below.
Coaches have more than enough on their plates, so, please, assist them to tidy up the grounds before leaving. Don’t be bashful in coming forward.

It will be greatly appreciated if you could help the coach tidy up before you run off after practice or the game. Many hands make light work.
Especially, the dugouts! After the games, take the rubbish and the crates of recyclables to the bins in the veranda. Assign a clean-up captain to look after it. Thank you.

It was a fun time for the 50 Club ‘number’ holders last Saturday night for the BIG DRAW – a very entertaining evening! Each number holder paid $50 for their favourite number with a chance to win.
Thanks to the Organiser and Master of Ceremonies, Steve Conry, for providing this fun evening and fundraiser.

There were 10 weekly draws with $50 winners – one drawn each Thursday during Club Night.
We got behind on the draws due to covid, etc and caught up on the night with 5 x draws for five lucky weekly winners.

The night culminated with the REVERSE DRAW with 10 numbers drawn out at a time with a break between each draw. Richard B was friends to the winners, but most called him the assassin. 😊
All the ‘losers’ got to choose from a myriad of prizes to take home. In addition, every ‘number holder’ had free drinks for most of the night! Mia makes some nasty, but tasty shooters, too.

The reverse draw starts with four draws of ten numbers, then, one draw of five and, finally, with only five left, three would be the money winners! Tensions arose 😊
Richard pulled out one of the last five and a groan was heard across the room. Then another groan when the next was drawn while the last three ‘number holders’ tensed up.

The last three waited with baited breath until Richard pulled them out – slowly – for their prize money. Third to the last number got $100 and went to Gabby Marcuccio – Josh Conry’s partner.
Then, as a hush filled the room, Jodie Balzan’s number was 2nd to last pulled out for $300 leaving Jamie Anderson with the last number remaining for the Grand Prize of $700!

A good time was had by all. Especially those three. 😊 Prizes, free drinks and camaraderie won over the night.
Don’t forget to get your ‘number’ after the break so you don’t miss out on the fun and a chance to win $700! See Steve at the bar for your lucky number.

Dip’s Div 2 Women’s team are putting on the meal for our last Club Night of the year.
They will be serving Chicken and Chips for $5. Come along for a real meal deal!

Our Club will be hosting a Sammy D Foundation workshop for all junior players aged 12 and up plus their parents/caregivers in January 2021.

This is an invaluable education program from qualified consultants that is at no cost to our club or our members. Baseball SA has organised this for all 14 metropolitan clubs free of charge!
The outcomes are significant in improving culture, behaviour and gaining knowledge in bullying and violence prevention and positive role modelling.

The ‘Monkey See – Monkey Do’ program will feature attitudes toward bullying / violence and educating parents / club members about the impacts of inappropriate sideline behaviours.
The 90 minute workshop will be held at our Club on Tuesday morning, January 12 from 10:30am to 12Noon as a prelude to the resumption of games on 31 January.

More on this later but save the date. We encourage ALL juniors aged 12 and up to attend with their parents/caregivers. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Answer: Yes, batter six can take his turn, but with the same count that batter 7 accrued – two balls and two strikes.

TIP FOR THE DAY…Watch your pitch count! – Save your arm!

Have a great weekend…and wash your hands often.

Bob Neiswander
GGCD e-NEWS Editor

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